Wako Hendri Septa Breaks Fast with the DPD KNPI Management of Padang.


PADANG - Padang Mayor Hendri Septa breaks his fast with the DPD management of the Indonesian Youth National Committee (KNPI) of Padang City at the simple restaurant GOR H. Agus Salim Saturday, (16/04/2022)  . 

The moment of breaking the fast together is in order to strengthen the friendship between the management of the Padang City KNPI DPD and KNPI administrators at the sub-district level.  

"On behalf of the Padang City Government, we appreciate the Padang City KNPI DPD who are always compact and work hand in hand for the advancement of youth in the Padang City. Likewise, they support every policy and development program by the Padang City Government. 

Hopefully, KNPI will be more successful and always exist to carry out positive activities in the City.  Padang," hoped Wako.  %3D Hendri Septa added that, judging from history, the Indonesian people are inseparable from the role of youth.

Every major change in the journey of this nation is always initiated by the youth as the frontline who have a very clear role.  

"In the Minang realm, youth are called 'parik paga nagari' or safety in the community. Hopefully the youth who are gathered in the KNPI forum are able to make it happen," he added.  

Meanwhile, the Chairperson of the Padang KNPI DPD, Megri Fernando, said in the iftar event with the theme "Solid Youth, Strong KNPI, Padang City raises civility".  

"By carrying this theme, it is hoped that the management of the Padang City KNPI DPD and sub-districts will all unite. If we unite, all planned activities, God willing, can be realized," he said.  

Megri also brought up his tenure as Chair of the Padang City KNPI DPD which will end in July this year.

"Whoever is elected to serve as chairman of the Padang City KNPI is expected to be fully supported by all administrators and members," he said.  

The activity was also attended by former Chairperson of the Padang City KNPI DPD Irwan Basir Datuk Rajo Alam and others. 

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